Terminal A

Terminal A is a 6,000 m2 two-storey building with a luggage drop-off on the ground floor and a departure lounge on the first floor, both of which are approximately 3,000 m². The check in area has 60 check-in desks.

Terminal B

Covering a surface area of 6,000 m2, Terminal B is comprised of a 3,000 m² luggage drop-off and a 3,000 m² check-in area. It is directly connected to a 10,000 m² covered car park. Terminal B caters to passengers starting their cruise journey and welcomes the largest ships passing through the port.

Terminal C

The future huge 9,000 m2 cruise terminal will house a luggage drop-off, a departure lounge as well as an adjoining 10,000 m2 car park. The building is currently being remodelled.

Terminal D

With a surface area of 6,000 m2 and 40 check-in desks, Terminal D can accommodate transit passengers as well as boarding and disembarkation operations.

Terminal E

Terminal E covers a surface area of approximately 300 m². It caters to ships with transit passengers but can also manage embarkation and disembarkation operations via Terminal A.

Terminal F

Similarly to Terminal E, Terminal F covers a surface area of approximately 200 m². It receives ships passing through the port as well as those with a small number of passengers starting their cruise journey.

Boarding process

  • Welcoming staff are on hand to assist you.
  • Check in your luggage.
  • Your luggage will be inspected and directly delivered to your cabin :

NB : You must not have any knives, weapons or explosive devices in your luggage.

  • Have your valid ID and cruise documents on hand.
  • Proceed to the check-in desk.
  • Go through the security check point.

NB : You must not have any knives, weapons or explosive devices in your hand luggage.


Contact your travel agency or your cruise line for all specific requests.

Access Map

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